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REAlab supports PhD and Post-doc researchers, not-for-profit organisations and business partners to co-create innovative solutions to real world business challenges.

Our Collaboration Lab programme, now in its sixth edition, offers business partners – from SMEs and social enterprises to public and not-for profit organisations – dedicated access to the most innovative doctoral research skills, methods and expertise to address societal challenges in areas such as education, health, sustainable development, community engagement, digital engagement, inclusive technology and ethical financial services.

We are particularly keen to collaborate with organisations committed to sustainable development and interested in developing projects that that can have a meaningful impact on the communities they serve.

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If you would like to collaborate with us, submit a project brief for our 2023-24 programme or discuss a project idea you can submit an Expression of Interest or contact us.



What Partners say

We would definitely recommend the programme to other partners in the future. It was so valuable to have four minds dedicated to answering some of the questions that we have wanted to address for some time, and useful to have the perspective and freedoms of academics outside of our organisation.

Eleanor Cooper / British Library International Engagement Manager

My team and I enjoyed everything about the programme. The initial welcome and brainstorming session was a brilliant start, allowing us to meet the team and start discussing ideas and potential solutions. Finally, the outcome fully met our expectations. We would definitely recommend the programme to other partners.

Alex Alexandrescu / Dicey Tech CEO

I would definitely recommend the programme to other partners. The researchers fully understood the project goals and exceeded my expectations in their delivery. The findings will prove very useful in establishing business relationships with schools in the future and also the research is very helpful in drawing attention to the lack of diversity in school libraries and how this can be addressed.

Keisha Ehigie / Imagine Me Stories Director

We want to start working with volunteers at Tate Liverpool and this research will be invaluable in informing how we organise our programme. It gives a very good overview of practice across our sector, something we would struggle to pull together with our own resources. The concept of digital volunteers was completely new to me and has expanded my thinking about what we could do. We had 3 great researchers who were interested in our project and were very professional in the approach and interactions. Working life has been stressful during the pandemic but this programme has been a very positive highlight – and future facing!

Jemima Pyne / Tate Liverpool Head Of Audiences

It has been an absolute privilege to work with such a great team of researchers. This experience has been one of the greatest highlights of my career.

Tracy Simpson / CEO Tracy Simpson Financial Consultancy Limited

This research produced unique insights and body of data that will be of significant value in developing our services…it has been a pleasure to work with a team of enthusiastic and insightful researchers.

Simon Bean / Assistant Director, Career Connect

These projects offer an exemplar of how university researchers can deliver socially responsible outcomes in relation to a wide range of cultural, social, political-economic and environmental challenges.

Dr Julian Skyrme / Director Of Social Responsibility, The University Of Manchester

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